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My name is Thomas Associate in Nursingd I’m an activist/environmentalist/designer/photographer. I ran off from a world I used to be not a part of, and currently, I get into the woods and also the sky.

There is no doubt; this is often wherever I need to keep during this dimension to that I belong. Perhaps it’ll solely be a section of my life. Maybe it’ll be forever, however currently I would like to inform however wealthy, beautiful, complicated and fragile what’s left of nature; through my photograph and this diary.

The man could be a damaging species, tends to require everything, to go away his mark on everything. Nevertheless, some steps off from the same old routes, a seem of town, an evening within the woods and here’s everything else reappears. Very rich, perpetually moving and reworking, bushed the photos and documentaries, however here next to the United States of America.

Now I would like to be a part of all this growth, remodel and die, and that I would like to search out some way to inform it as a result of everybody understands the worth of what’s next to the United States of America.

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